Integrate barcode technology into Word documents
Avapose.Barcode for Word
  • Easy-to-use barcode add-in for Microsoft Word 2007/2010
  • No need for barcode font or programming knowledge
  • Linear & 2D barcode generation for all printers
EAN-13 Barcode FAQ in Word
EAN-13 Word Add-In is an advanced add-in tool which can integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Word, and adds it functions to Word. The barcode Add-in stays on the Word document and could be easily utilized by choosing "Add-Ins" tab. This barcode plug-in may be used royalty free with a developer license.
If you want to generate EAN-13 barcodes for other applications or in other developmental environments you may use .NET EAN-13 Barcode Generator for ASP application, EAN-13 for SSRS, EAN-13 Barcode Fonts for Crystal Report, and .NET Winforms EAN-13 Class Library.
EAN-13 Data Encoding in Word
EAN-13 Barcode Add-In for Word is designed according to the latest industry specifications, which allows the following data to be easily encoded for high quality EAN-13 barcodes:
EAN-13 Available Characters:
  • Numeric characters: 0 - 9
EAN-13 Valid Subtypes and Data Length:
  • EAN-13 -A --- Basic type which supports 11 valid characters to be encoded excluding the last check sum digit;
  • EAN-13 +2 --- An extra 2 supplement data can be encoded as a supplement barcode;
  • EAN-13 +5 --- An extra 5 supplement characters can be encoded as a supplement barcode image;
EAN-13 encoding data can be influenced by those following factors:
  • data --- The data to be encoded. This property lets you encode desired data.
  • barcode type --- Barcode types could be changed by setting this property, default value is Code 128.
  • Supplement data --- two or five numeric digits can be encoded if you set the subtypes of EAN-13.

Encode EAN-13 Data using Word Barcode Add-In

  1. Barcode Add-In for Word needs to be downloaded and installed at first;
  2. Install this barcode generator on your Word;
  3. Activate the add-in and choose one of the three valid EAN-13 barcode types in the "barcode type";
  4. Input the data to be encoded like "65432154321" in the "data" box;
  5. Input the supplement data if required;
  6. Customize the properties that are required and click "Generate" to display the created EAN-13 barcode.
EAN-13 Image Customization in Word
EAN-13 image is customizable by setting the following parameters:
  • Display checksum char --- Determine whether to display the last check sum character (s) in the barcode text.
  • Font --- Adjust the font style of the barcode text under image.
  • Display barcode data --- For displaying the human readable interpretation or not.
  • Rotate --- Set the rotation angle into 0, 90, 180 or 270 degrees.

Customize EAN-13 Image with Barcode Add-In for Word

  1. Select the existed EAN-13 barcodes;
  2. Customize "Display barcode data"; if it is enabled, you may adjust "Font" into your needed style;
  3. Set the rotation angle of the barcode image into any valid angle;
  4. Click "Update" where "Generate" is located at last.
EAN-13 Size Customization in Word
There may be a consideration on EAN-13 size on Word documents, therefore, the following options are provided:
  • Bar width (X) --- The width value of the barcode narrowest bar module (X).
  • Bar height (Y) --- The height value of the bar.
  • Image width --- The width value of whole barcode image.
  • Image height --- The height value of the whole barcode image.
  • Supplement bar height --- the bar height of the supplement barcode which is the multiple of the Y dimension ranging from 0 to 1.0 inclusive.
  • Supplement bar space --- the distance between the end of the main barcode and the beginning of the add-on symbol, which ranges from 7X to 12X.
  • Left margin --- The value of the left margin.
  • Right margin --- The value of the right margin.
  • Bottom margin --- The value of the bottom margin.
  • Top margin --- The value of the top margin.
  • Text margin --- The space between the barcode symbol and human-readable interpretation.

Adjust EAN-13 Size on Word Documents

  1. Select the existed EAN-13 barcodes;
  2. Adjust "Bar width" into "3", "Bar height" into "50", , "Left margin" into "5", "Right margin" into "5", "Top margin" into "5", "Right margin" into "5";
  3. Select a proper style for "Font" to adjust the text interpretation of EAN-13 like "Times New Roman; Regular; 11";
  4. Adjust the "Supplement bar height" and "Supplement bar space" with valid values if you enabled the supplement barcode before;
  5. Click "Update" where "Generate" is located at last.
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